Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fairleads blog

Fairleads are part of a ship's rigging. A fairlead is usually a block or a pully that helps to keep the jib sheets running smooth so you can control the jib. If this doesn't mean much to you it didn't to me either before last year. My wife and kids gave me sailing lessons for a Christmas present and I've been learning ever since.

In trying to think up a name for a blog the term fairlead popped into my mind. Its nice to have titles with more meaning to them.

On most sloop rigged boats the fairleads are mounted on rails so they can be adjusted back and forth on the boat. For the last year or so I've been working on Rails as well, Ruby on Rails. Since most of my work is done for client's internal use, I don't get any kudos for showing off my web apps. I hope to chronicle some of my adventures on Rails here.

I've had a web site since the late 90's, but I'm lucky if I update the thing every year or so. I've got to get back there and fix all the broken links. I'll get to that RSN, I'm sure :)

I'm hoping that with a blog I'll be a little more likely to keep things up to date. Maybe I'll post every three or four months! I'll try to keep up with new posts about sailing, Rails and my life in Linux as well as any other worthless things that happen to me and my friends and family.

Thanks for stopping by!

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