Monday, June 25, 2007

Playa del Carmen


I haven't been around to add to the blog for a while, I was on vacation with my family. I just couldn't pull myself away from the warm sunny tropical beach to fiddle around with the hotel's internet connection and spend time on a post or two.

We went to part of the Yucatan south of Cancun often called the 'Riviera Maya', in the town of Playa del Carmen. The water was warm and clear, the beaches have really made a comeback after last year's hurricane, and the food at our resort was fantastic. Our kids are too small to do some of the larger jungle excursions, but we visited the nerby bird sanctuary Xaman Ha with the family. My daughter and I went horseback riding in the jungle one day as well.

The resorts had three little Hobie cats guests could take out whenever they wanted, as well as several kayaks and sailboards. I tried to take out a cat as often as I could and truly enjoyed sailing the small craft through the clear caribean water between the mainland and Cozumel.

We stayed at the Viva Azteca. It is the smaller of two Viva resorts in Playa del Carmen. Viva is an Italian based company, and it showed through in the variety and quality of food served at the resort. Italians know how to eat.

Getting back meant a pile of e-mail to clean up, but a vacation from the computer, and from blackberries and cell phones is the best.

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