Friday, May 2, 2008

Agile Web Development With Rails 3rd Ed. covers Rails 2.0!

The tireless Pragmatic programmers have released a new version of Agile Web Development with Rails, and it covers Rails 2.0!

Its still in beta form, but you can get the PDF version online. If you bought a copy of the 2nd edition since March 2008 you can get a coupon for a free upgrade.

See the pragmatic web site for details.


Anonymous said...

Note: The coupon is/was only available to the folks who bought the 2nd edition from the pragprog site between March and the Beta announcement. If you qualified for the coupon, it would be in your account.

--the pragprog team

Spencer Lim Blog said...

i get the second edition for one week only,
what can i do if i wish to get the 3rd edition of PDF ?
found that many thing was changed and failed to reach what the book teaching....
possible to buy it at lower price :p

Sean Lynch said...


Check with your local Ruby or Rails user group, Pragmatic Programmers has offered discount codes for use by Ruby groups.

If you don't belong to a local user group, join. If they don't already have a user group discount code, offer to contact pragmatic for the group and apply for the code!

O'reilly also offers discounts to user groups.

Other publishers may also offer discounts.

There is also the option of checking out your local library for a hard copy edition. Many local libraries share with each other. If your library does not offer it, they may be able to get it for you from an affiliated library.

The PDF edition is not too expensive, but getting a legitimate discount code through a user group should not be too hard.


Natalie said...
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